IRIS specifications:

 Length  109"
 Diameter  5.5"
 Weight  225 oz.
 Motor diameter  75mm
 Electronics  Missile Works RRC2 (x2)
 Recovery  Drogue:Skyangle  Main: Skyangle Cert3
 First flight  May 14, 2005, SpudRoc-10, Swan Falls, ID
 Status  Active


 5.5" LOC/Precision airframe tubing with 8 oz. and 6 oz. fiberglass laminate.

 Aeropack 75mm quick-change motor retainer

 LOC/Precision 5.5L nose cone.



Wrasp sims for Hypertek L575, L625, and Aerotech M1315W

  iris L575 wrasp



Rocksim sims for HypertekL625 and Aerotech M1315W




  Launch Photos: