Flight Logs

I find a simple Palm Pilot handheld to be an extremely useful rocketry tool.  I use a Palm IIIxe to record flight logs, download flight computer data, keep motor inventory, and maintain lists of needed items and project tasks.  You can get a used Palm pilot on eBay for less than thirty bucks these days, and you can download several useful freeware programs and purchase some other cheap software programs and have a very handy tool for less than the cost of a J350.

I purchased a copy of  Rocketeer's Logbook (RL) in order to have something to keep track of flight data on the range.

My Flight Log (link to be added shortly) - contains database of all my flights recorded using RL on my Palm IIIxe.

I am able to export the RL database to the Palm Pilot's Memo data, and from there, export to a .CSV file using JPilot (Linux).  From the .CSV file I can manipulate the data in Quattro or Excel and finally save as .html.  RL is quite inexpensive, but the same data could easily be stored simply using the Palm Memo function, you just have to be consistent and methodical so that the data can easily be exported and manipulated.  I found the price low enough that it was worth the time saved in setting up a memo format.

Flight Data

Flight Analyzer Data - This SW package came along with my Blacksky Altacc flight computer and is used to extract and graph data from the Altacc, either directly, or from my Palm.  I usually dump the Altacc data directly to the Palm IIIxe in the field so that I can reset the Altacc and use again immediately.  The software is simple to use and provides a lot of control of how the data is displayed.

A pdf version of the Altacc user's manual can be found here.

Rocket Motor Date Comments Data
I600T 10/16/2005 good flight pig-i600t-20051016.jpg
Pig J350W 05/01/2004 good flight
Pig J350W 05/14/2005 good flight
Tomahawk H128W
good flight
Tomahawk H97J 10/18/2003 good flight