Recently I found myself in need of some machined specialty parts for a rocket project that has been on my bench a little too long.  My two-stage Terrier-Black Brant IX has been idle for about a year now due to other priorities at home.  However, I have now blown off the dust and have started poking around figuring out where I left off last.  I had two problems that I needed to solve with some machining by Front Panels Express.  I pulled up Front Page Designer, the free software from Front Panels Express, which I have used in the past for similar applications per a suggestion from Vern Knowles.  Within an hour I had designed three pieces, priced them, and ordered them all from the design software.  Two weeks later my pieces arrived in the mail.


Construction of a new HPR launch pad is almost complete.  I've had this project on the bench, so to speak, for several years but have not had the time to complete it until this summer.   With only a little more work to go on the blast plate this project is now almost done.

launch pad


Construction of my new HPR rocket called Gryphon has started.  The rocket will be 126.5" long and 4.0" in diameter.  It is built long in order to be able to accommodate either a Contrail or Hypertek 75mm hybrid motor system.  The initial flight will be on a solid APCP motor however.  Also planned is an additional 8" video/still-camera bay which can be added as a module.  Construction pictures will be added as the build progresses.

Rocket details are here.