Construction of a new HPR launch pad is almost complete.  I've had this project on the bench, so to speak, for several years but have not had the time to complete it until this summer.   With only a little more work to go on the blast plate this project is now almost done.

launch pad



The pad is constructed from 3" square steel tubing in a quad-footprint configuration.  It features a removable blast plate which can be substituted with a Hypertek drop-stem system for Hypertek hybrid systems.  It can be used with both 1.5" and 1" rails, although the 1" rail adapters have not been put together yet - I hope to do that shortly.

It also features the ability to load the rocket in a completely horizontal position.  The main rail support can be rotated from vertical to horizontal with the use of a horizontal support cradle.  Four adjustable feet at the end of each leg allow the pad to be angled properly on any terrain surface (within 12" or so).

More details and project photos are available in the Miscellaneous Projects section of the site here.