Back to again, this time to create some battery side panels for my BMW K100RS project motorcycle.



(Note, the "lumpiness" in the photo is just the plastic shrink-wrap covering the plates for shipping protection.)

In order to get the custom outline, I had to start with a .dxf file as I was unable to make a triangle outline with the Front Panel Design software tool.  I used the freeware LibreCAD to create an outline in .dxf which I could then import into the Front Panel Design tool.  I could then use FPD to make the rest of the edits including the holes and engraving.  I used 3mm thick pre-anodized aluminum as the base material, although other thicknesses could be used if one chooses a different anodize color. This turned out to be an ideal thickness though, and I think the final result was excellent, although a couple of minor edits could be made to the final .fpd file.  I need to update the drawing by enlarging the hole in the front corner to accept an 8mm clevis pin, which is what i use as the attach point to the fuel tank, and I need to round the corners. Other than these tweaks, the fit was just about ideal.  Here is what the panel looks like when mounted (click photo to enlarge):

Unfortunately, I don't have a very good tool for editing .dxf files, and I could not do this with the free .fpd software, so I ordered as is and gently filed down the corners manually.  I may have to go back to the original .dxf and see if I can make edits there.

 Here are .fpd files for both the left and right side panels.  You can use these as a starter to get used to the Front Panel Design SW and edit to make your own custom panel.  Note there are many different materials, thicknesses, etc. to choose.  There are several colors of anodizing as well as more colors if you choose to powder coat.  There is also the option to apply custom graphics, but I have not yet tried this feature.  Note, I recommend updating the tank attach point through hole to 8mm diameter (currently 5mm).